A story about imaginary girl named Sara...In memory of the world greatest artist on trumpet Miles Dewey Davis III

Composed & performed: Mario Mauer.

Made in  Agram DMF studio

Arranged and produced by Mario Mauer.

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Screaming silence is a electronic EDM tune with operatic female voice.

Composed & performed: Mario Mauer.

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28.12.2013. Just finished mixing and mastering the new (second) album of Keri Johnson, L.A. under the name Healing Now. Publication is expected on January 2014.

7.11.2013. Very proud to announce that Poseidon is online this month on the basic.fm, british radio station for composers. Glad to be in today's "crème de la crème" company.

2.11.2013. Poseidon is shortlisted in G-technology driven creativity competition Europe 2013.

6.8.2013. Spring Trance is selected for Award Winning Multimedia Company catalog based in New York



Bungee Jumping is a combination between cinematic sounds that creates tension and relaxing part in R&B / NuJazz styles with beautifuly played saxophone. Composed & performed: Mario Mauer.

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