Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here you can find instrumental music or arrangement and production for others, mostly singers and songwriters ... and don't be surprised by diversity of styles, just enjoy the music...

Mario Mauer is a musician, arranger, producer and composer of contemporary instrumental music based in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia.
He likes to use many musical styles as a ground in his compositions and like to state that every musical genre is equaly good part of musical culture.
While Mario is a primary keyboardist/piano player, he's got a lot of experiance with other instruments like trumpet, double bass, guitars, drums and percussions. He is also an expert in informational technology and audio engineering with a keen interest in new productions, unique instruments and mixed musical styles. Mario was a pro musician over 30 years and is a man with a lot of experiance. He is the owner of the net label AGRAM DMF.
His music is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.


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