…on “Blackbird”

Lee Lucas

Big band Jazzy stuff done in super style Mario, and that Blackbird took off very well indeed with all the goodies you got in here my freind. Fabulous stuff and arrangement and a superb all round job, very well enjoyed chap.


Best NewJazz composition I've listened too in Ages!!!!!!!!!!!!


amazing mario love your expression when music hits you you feel no pain and thats what this pice did brillant :)


makes me wanna dust off my Herbie Hancock collection :-) so so cool track ♥


Big Big Band Feel right here for sure!!!! Excellent Mario!!!


man, you need to be out in front of something, this is too too good, really really well done Mario


Oh yeah. This officially rocks!!!!!!!!!

Martin L. --- "Likewyse"

wow -- powerful orchestration --- the bluesy style fits well -- also a strong eightees feel on it ( especially the percussions :)

yay - and that s great -- the eightees brought real new accents:9 I also love to mix the feel of tis era in ma tunes:) great work what i listened so far!!

Robyn Nyoulten

WOA!!! Mario - plenty of dynamics on this one!! Lotsa neat sax licks and I like that BIG brass sound - nice progressions and very very smoooth!! Yeh!! Peace :)

Florian Brio

my respects my friend Mario for this track super...very beautiful and very well done

Wolfshead Red

Brass sound good, sax solo, drums. It's got big band grandeur but fresh sounding. Nice.


Wow, this was really cool and I admire your great composing talent my friend...amazing work, love it!!!

OneVision CrossWorlds

wow very good piece of music Mario

Linde Sagen

Lovely beats and fonderful productionJJ

B d B

Ottima orchestrazione. MAGNIFIQUE

Mario Scala

Mario...you've done it again...superb production (brass swells fantastic). F A B 


…on “Don’t Believe me” 

Davide Bontempi
 This is fantastic! Sounds really good,e musical texture to great effect. Very well done!
 Rudi Lockefeir
 Mario. This is just awesome. Love it to bits. Top notch. Love the horns and the drums are fantastic. Like....!
 What strikes me in you music is the deepness of sound and great inside !


…on “Curly Pippen” 

 Humm, feel back flowing in th 70's with a 21st century sound quality. Me like dat!

Katherine Chatham
 I love the refused to be classified...this is awesome music...really cool!
 Chris Scheri
 Terrific drums. Hey this is really cool., Mario. You are fantastic on that piano, Mario. Are you generating all the other instruments from keyboard?
 Robyn Youlten
 YES!! LOVE the 6/8 timing too!! Coool jazz feel and some great sounds Agram!! Smoooth keys!! Clever rhythm change and resolution - good melody on the 'brass' and great bass! This tune COOKS!! Peace:))
 not a musical techy... just have some good listening ears...and this is good! from your profile I'll say your influences in music does come out on the tracks you make! Cool!
 Jonny Ice
 I love how awkward and right on it is... Love it


…on “Unmanned Ship…”  feat. Zefora Alderman

 You nailed it! Gold star for you! :)
 Actually, truly saying it always amazed me when an "aaaah" or "oooooh" can just present themselves as beautiful as this... genius!! :))
 T Pickett
 This made me feel as if I were watching a movie!..Like "Pirates of the Caribean"..V
ery entertaining!
 Rudi Lockefeir
 This is a grand piece of music Mario. Great waltz and an awesome composition Cheers...


…on “Sirens” feat. Zefora Alderman

 Good vibes! beautiful vocals, wonderful drum, amazing track!
 Mike G davis
 What a beauty of a track Mario - Love your vocals Zefora XXL.
 Rudi Lockefeir
 You are a man of many talents Mario. Zefora has an awesome voice. Great track my friend.
 Wonderful harmonies,very catchy:)! Superb work Mario! I love the simple arrangement so that

Zefora's wonderful vocals get the full attention! Very lovely piece my friend!!


…on “Invasion” feat. Zefora Alderman

Robyn Youlten
 Wonderful songwriting Mario - exquisite clavichord and piano, good sounds and a coool vocal and harmonies, following the great chord progressions!!! Superb track!! Peace :))
 Florian Brio
 Mario, you did a great job with this track I really like... my respects...!!!!
 Chris Scheri
 Great clavichord like sounding intro.. nice smokey vocals....lovely smooth harmonies in the chorus.....excellent recording.
 !!! waawww my man really good music!!!
 Davide Bontempi
 Fantastic!!! Beautiful collaboration, excellent piano.
 Another fine track with lovely vocals by Zefora! New dream team in the house:-)?, great job my friend:)!!
 Kelvyn Taylor
 Wow, very nice Mario!
 G Pratt



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